Tensions rose between workers and mine management

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moncler outlet online store Staff at Cam Sight in Cambridge dressed up in bright colours for their event, Bright 4 Sight (Image: Keith Jones)Get daily updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribingSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailA Cambridgeshire charity supporting people with low vision and blindness would use cash from a community campaign to run regular outdoor exercise classes.Just like previous years, the News has teamed up with The Cambridge Building Society to give away to 15 local community based not for profit organisations.Launched in 2011, Cash for the Community offers financial support to community groups and helps raise awareness of the great work they do.The 15 shortlisted community groups were chosen in two ways. The first 10 were picked by teams at The Cambridge Building Society.The final five were picked by the public via an online poll.You can help these 15 community groups win a share of The 15 shortlisted community groups for this year’s awards are Centre 33, Spectrum Cambridge, the Cambridgeshire branch of the Motor Neurone Disease Association, Time to Talk UK, Kidney Cancer UK, Little Miracles Ely, STARS Children’s Bereavement Charity, Cambridge Stroke Group, Eddie’s, Cam Sight, Langdon House Residential Home, Cambridge City Ladies and Girls FC, Home Start Cambridgeshire, SERV Suffolk and Cambridgeshire and Cambridgeshire Lupus Group.For Cam Sight, a charity working with 1,800 people living with low vision and blindness in Cambridgeshire, any money awarded from the campaign would be used to run regular outdoor exercise classes to improve health, fitness and balance.Cam Sight volunteers leading a guided walkCam Sight would use the cash to recruit and train volunteers to guide local people in long distance walking, running, swimming, and tandem cycling.Cam Sight’s chief executive Fl Raffai said: «We’re so grateful to be shortlisted for the Cash for the Community Awards.»As a small local charity, we greatly depend on support from the local community to provide our free services for people with low and no vision.»This money will allow us to reach even more people with our sport service to improve their fitness, confidence and well being.Read More»For us, the Cash for the Community Awards are not only a wonderful opportunity to cheap moncler coats raise funds, but also to build local awareness and showcase our work.»Cash for the Community paper tokens are available to collect in the Cambridge News from today (Tuesday, July 24) until Friday, August 10.Keep an eye out for a bonus digital token which the Cambridge Building Society will announce on their Facebook and Twitter pages.All digital and paper tokens collected, and a note mentioning which one of the 15 organisations you want the tokens to go towards, must be received moncler outlet turkey by The Cambridge Building Society by Friday, August 17.The total number of tokens will be divided by 12,000 to indicate how much each is worth. Each of the organisation’s tokens will then be counted by the Cambridge Building Society to determine each cash donation amount moncler outlet online store.

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