Narration: Autoimmune diseases affect about 7% of the population

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canada goose black friday sale Geo. Maahs, Eagle, Neb. CoaL wood, copper clad, all wnitc porcelain, heavy quality 8 pal. But thanks to the work of Mark’s team the secrets of Strep A’s Jekyll and Hyde nature have been revealedProfessor Walker: We found that there was a, a virus involved that had infected those bacteria and canada goose outlet locations in toronto changed them into the invasive form. The bug is then better able to spread through tissue barriers, get into the blood and then cause a blood infection and /invasive disease like necrotising fasciitis, flesh eating disease.Narration: Now that they have cracked how the infection occurs, a vaccine could be just around the corner.DR CAROLA VINUESA:I’m working on trying to understand how autoimmune diseases develop/like type one diabetes, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.Narration: Autoimmune diseases affect about 7% of the population, and their incidence appears canada goose outlet location to be increasing. The treatments haven’t altered for 50 years.But this could all be about to change.Dr Vinuesa: I adapted a test that is routinely done in the clinic to diagnose patients with a particular autoimmune disease called lupus. canada goose black friday sale

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