Incineroar just has the most show offish animations and fits

I personally a Primarina fan but like, how do you get a singing mermaid seal not to look really stupid in Smash? Decidueye would be fine but they already in Pokken and is pretty subdued in their personality, and we already have Mewtwo, Lucario, and Greninja, so the calm and calculated Pokmon archetype is already sorta overplayed in Smash. Incineroar just has the replica ysl most show offish animations and fits into Smash way better with the amount of energy and creativity they put into his moves and just his general demeanor. That they never did points towards them never wanting one imo.Even if they only just now wanted a grappler? How about Midna? Maybe Isaac? Hell, be creative, how about Adeline?I just feel like, there nearly a thousand pokemon, of course there going to be one to fill every niche.

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