Hundreds of years ago, lockets often contained locks of hair,

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cheap canada goose uk It straight up apologetics.If you canada goose outlet miami look at canada goose outlet in toronto the blind spot, you see it is not the result of some deterioration which could have arisen after The Fall. Rather it is an integral part of the eye design.Dawkins favourite example of the giraffe recurrent laryngeal nerve is an even better example it makes the ridiculously large loop down and back up the neck not because of canada goose outlet mall deterioration but because that how the nerve runs in all mammals (a relic of evolution).A designer would not need to be bound by these relics, just as we see cars (human designed) borrow ideas canada goose outlet in usa and elements from other makes models. When we see deterioration on design, we see things like rust cruft which comes on after an otherwise coherent design cheap canada goose uk.

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