However, consumption in the mature economies of the OECD grew

While I already had a general interst in science, I can say that I truly understood it. But, reading Haunted World began a mental/worldview transformation that will likely continue until I die.I was quite dissappointed to discover than many atheists I later met had little better reasons for not believing as believers have for believing. I expected on average much better critical thinking skills than I actaully encountered.So, I try to push critical thinking and the understanding of science (particularly the scientific method) much more fervantly than atheism itself.

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Energy consumption in the emerging economies grew below their long term average rate, rising by 3.1%, driven by slower growth in China. However, consumption in the mature economies of the OECD grew by a higher than average rate of 1.2% entirely as a result of strong growth in the US. As a result, the gap between growth in the OECD and non OECD narrowed to levels high quality hermes replica uk not seen since 2000.

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