Former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson filed suit last year

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With Tennessee slipping out of their grasp, the Democrats chances of a Senate best hermes evelyne replica takeover are slipping as well. Among vulnerable Democrats, it looks as if Sen. After the Kavanaugh hearings, her Republican opponent lead expanded from 4 to 12 points. The allegations are the latest to hit 21st Century Fox, which has been plagued by sexual harassment charges across several units over the last year. Former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson filed suit last year against the network’s former chief executive, perfect hermes replica Roger Ailes. Since then, several other women have come forward with allegations against Ailes and other significant figures..

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There are a few models for how the Mueller investigation might play out. Perhaps the most relevant is the Patrick Fitzgerald Plamegate investigation of the George W. Bush years. He has failed three times. He sleeps during the lectures and parties all night. He forgets to pay the electricity bills.

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